Let’s Explore the Infinite Possibilities of Data Science

JupyterCon brings together the universe of data scientists, business analysts, researchers, educators, developers, core Project contributors, and tool creators. In-depth training, insightful keynotes, networking, and practical talks expand our collective knowledge of what the Project Jupyter platform can do. JupyterCon focuses on real-world practices and how to successfully implement interactive computation in your workflow and projects.

What Can You Expect?

  • Sessions that apply to the full range of Jupyter's languages and platforms

  • Practical tutorials that go deep into technical skills, new features and applications, and best practices

  • Visionary keynote presentations

  • Immersive hands-on training courses

  • Unparalleled access to core Project Jupyter contributors and tool creators

  • A sponsor area packed with related projects and products

  • Community events, such as sprints and birds-of-a-feather gatherings

  • A poster session featuring dozens of innovative Jupyter projects


  • Sylvain Corlay


    Sylvain Corlay is the founder and CEO of QuantStack, an open-source scientific software development team in Paris and Berlin. As an open source developer, Sylvain contributes to Project Jupyter in the areas of interactive widgets, language kernels, and the Voilà dashboarding system.

  • Gayle Ollington


    Joining NumFOCUS in 2022 as the Jupyter Community Events Manager, Gayle has a diverse background in event and program management. Prior to joining NumFOCUS, she worked as a curriculum and events coordinator. From education to corporate and entertainment industries, Gayle brings over 16 years of event experience managing diverse, cross-functional teams focused on client-facing programs and events within global settings.

  • Nelle Varoquaux


    Nelle Varoquaux is a CNRS researcher interested in machine learning and causal inference methods to better understand structure, function, regulation, and evolution of genomes. As an open source developer, she uses, contributes to, and develops scientific Python packages such as scikit-learn and Matplotlib.

  • Matthias Bussonnier


    Matthias Bussonnier is a Senior Software Developer at Quantsight, Jupyter Co-Founder, and Maintainer of IPython and Jupyter since 2012. Matthias is focused on providing the best user experience, documentation, and to promote best practices and reproducibility for Scientific Computing.

  • Mojdeh Rastgoo


    Mojdeh Rastgoo is a Senior Data Scientist at Saint-Gobain and Co-organizer of PyLadies Paris. She is passionate about initiatives related to open-source and strives for diversity within the community.

  • Maria Teleńczuk


    Maria Teleńczuk, PhD, is a Data Scientist at Owkin and a PyLadies Paris Organiser. She is a firm believer in open-source and advocate for clean coding. She enjoys participating in initiatives which aim to inspire people of various origins, ages and backgrounds.

  • Sandrine Pataut

    Sandrine Pataut


    Maths teacher turned Data Scientist, Sandrine is using her Maths and technical knowledge to solve problems at Société Générale. Passionate about learning, teaching and inclusivity in Tech. Enjoys traveling, sports and outdoors, cooking, and knitting.

  • Jim Weiss


    Jim Weiss joined NumFOCUS in 2017, bringing over seven years of event management experience to the organization. Prior to joining NumFOCUS, Jim worked in Washington, D.C., coordinating congressional hearings for the U.S. House of Representatives and managing events for the U.S. Air Force. Jim hails from Pennsylvania and graduated from Lafayette College.

  • Guillaume Lemaitre


    Guillaume Lemaitre is a research engineer. He has a PhD in computer science and has been a scikit-learn core developer since 2017.

  • Project Jupyter is an engaged and respectful community made up of people from all over the world. We are committed to fostering a productive, professional and inclusive environment for everyone. All community members are expected to show respect and courtesy to other attendees throughout the conference, all conference events and online forums. Our Code of Conduct is strictly enforced.

  • Our commitment to the JupyterCon community is to create an inclusive and respectful conference environment that invites participation of people from all backgrounds, including, but not limited to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, accessibility and sexual orientation. Any inquiries can be sent to jupytercon-diversity@numfocus.org.