Scholarship and Financial Aid Program

NumFOCUS and the JupyterCon team believe that diversity is the strength of our community and essential for success. To help foster this inclusive environment, we are offering scholarship and financial aid to create an event that brings together many different perspectives.

We will be offering two types of financial aid grants:

  • Free ticket: The ticket includes access to all scheduled events during the conference (May 10-12)

  • Travel and accommodation costs: We will partially cover the travel costs (hotel/transportation)

Our program is open to all people with lack of budget. We can give limited numbers of subsidies, that’s why we will focus on the next criteria for evaluation:

  • Diversity: We are looking for the most diverse JupyterCon conference.

  • Contributors: Speakers/trainers of JupyterCon, active people from small Jupyter communities, and contributors to community projects.

  • Economic factors: Students, unemployed, or people with difficult economic situations.

How to Apply

Please fill out the form below before 3rd March.

  • Timelines 

    • 31/01/2023 - opening the grant program 

    • 03/03/2023 - Deadline for submitting the application 

    • 17/03/2023 - Notification of the grant

    • 24/03/2023 - Deadline for applicants to accept/decline financial aid 

    • 19/06/2023 - Deadline to upload receipts

  • Accommodation and Travel grant: This grant category will be reimbursed after the conference. We will provide a Google form to upload your receipts (hotel invoice, plane/bus/train tickets) after the grant acceptance notice. The reimbursement can be made by bank transfer or PayPal payment.

  • -The diversity and financial aid grant will be available only to registered attendees actually attending the conference.

    -If you can not attend the conference for some reasons, please contact us at

    -If the applicant does not accept the grant before the deadline, we will consider the grant is rejected by the applicant

    -Receipts should contain : your name, amount of expenses (price for the tickets or hotels)

    -Reimbursements before the conference, or via other means such as cash are not possible.

  • Please send an email to if you have any question

  • The data collected on this form will exclusively be used by the JupyterCon2023 organization committee for the selection of the diversity and financial aid grant. No data is passed on to third parties except bank information necessary to make the refund transfer.

    Google forms and google drives are used to store relevant information.